4 Habits to Break for Single Moms

4 Habits to Break for Single Mom Organization

Guest post by editor, Cassie Argento

If you want to be an organized single mom and still maintain your sanity, you must drop these 4 daily habits that you’re probably doing right now!

  1. Extreme Multitasking- While multitasking seems inevitable as moms in general, let alone single moms, it really is not good when done to the extreme. When your life is on overload, having multiple tasks “open” and left unfinished not only leads to anxiety and frustration, but the result is the tasks rarely ever get completed. Try to stick to one to 3 simultaneous tasks at most, and you’ll start feeling less frazzled.
  2. Unscheduled Social Media time. Social media can be a great momentary escape from the stresses of parenthood, especially when you’re doing it on your own. But, if you’re like me, what was intended to be 5 minutes on Facebook ends up being half an hour; meanwhile, the kids still need baths, the laundry is staring at you asking to be washed, and a host of other responsibilities you now feel guilty that you could have done. While having time on social media and other forms of “self- care” are essential, try to schedule this time for AFTER the kids are in bed and all the daily chores have been done. Now you can enjoy with no interruptions!
  3. Lack of spontaneity with family moments. Okay, so I know this may sound contradictory to #2, but it isn’t. Let me explain: while yes, it is definitely important to schedule family activities and outings, don’t limit your family time to just those moments. Start seeing even the smallest moments with your kids as family time. Random pillow fights, snowball wars, tickle time, floor picnics… Find ways to accomplish what you need to do but have fun while doing it. Include the kids! Also, almost any moment can be a teachable moment.
  4. Most importantly: STOP THE “MOM GUILT”. Oh, how easily this becomes a habit for us single moms! “Mom Guilt” is when we operate from a perspective of what we lack, rather than a perspective of balance. It is so easy to blame yourself for what you didn’t get around to, what you should have said, how you could have better handled that interaction with your child today. Yes, self-reflection is important, but self- guilt robs us of precious time we could have spent reflecting on what we did RIGHT today; on what moments we did enjoy. Mom guilt creeps up in many ways. It can start with a feeling of being insufficient / not enough for the situation at hand. You may feel like you just aren’t enough on your own, being a single parent raising children, working, and running a home all on your own. This isn’t how you envisioned life. But guess what? You ARE enough! Of all the things you can provide your kids, what they really want is YOU. Your love, your attention, your time. And if you take the time to prioritize those things (yes with work and daily needs), no matter what you didn’t get around to, YOU ARE A SUCCESS.

    I pray this message challenges your mindset and uplifts your spirit. Be blessed!

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