The New Norm

I’ve paved a pretty good outline for a quarantine blog post. It shined with glossy facts and quotes and all of the elements that make an exceptional, eye-catching article.

But then I deleted it. After some self evaluation, I have determined that no one really cares what I think. And no matter how many facts or hints I throw around, perhaps you aren’t in the mental and emotional state-of-mind to hear another persons quarantine ‘eureka!’.

Not to mention, how would I know what each person is facing as they go through this? I do know that everyone is facing a ripple effect of this virus, whether you believe this to be a conspiracy hoax against the (American) people or you’re fearing for the health of you and family. I don’t intend to treat, cure, or diagnose with this post.

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These last 2 months, I have collected emotional, spiritual, and mental data from myself and everyone I see. Well, that’s kinda what I do. I am one of those strange, literary people. I sit afar off, watch you and willingly allow the raw radiance of your life/personality to reflect a shallow, faceless being on my page.

While I was writing this blog, God didn’t let me stray too far into my own creativity without tugging at my heart to pray for you, whomever is reading this. Because, realistically, I have no idea how you’re doing when you pass me by, wearing a mask, and our eyes meet from six feet away. All I know is that we are going through something at the core of this strain of corona virus. So I want to share some positives that have helped me – and my family – through this.

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All Little Bit about Me

I am an extrovert to the extreme. I thrive on the hustle and bustle and don’t like stay in one place for too long, which is why I have 4 occupations running at all times:) I love to help people, and if I can’t, I feel helpless and unfinished. I have one 8 year-old-boy and a peach of a husband (an incredibly patient and soft person). I began writing this post just one week after our work had been put on a temporary hold. I wasn’t able to make a paycheck, I wasn’t able to help out at school, I wasn’t able to teach classes or volunteer. I was just allowed to stay home and do nothing but sew, write, sew, and spend more time with my family. The family time I had been craving for a long time.

Like many of us, I was frustrated. As the weeks settled and I spent more time praying with my family, I was relieved of all the things that came to an abrupt stopped. And my frustration was different because, again, being an extrovert, I need that interaction and ability to help. So I had to get used to recalculating so I can be there when I was needed. Aside from sewing face masks for everyone and their dog, it has been a blessing to ‘virtually’ help.

So here are 6 things that I did to help me survive this quarantine.

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  • Hiking – We find a hiking spot every day. We bring homework on our adventures too. It’s become habit and the gym class of the day!

  • I Get up at 5a.m. – I get up at the same time every day as if I was getting up for work. It’s not habit, but something I enjoy doing. You may not want to do that and that’s OK! But getting up before your family is a sacred time with God too. Getting up early can help you focus on the day ahead of you, to have alone time, and not feel over-whelmed by the chaos of the day.

  • Take Time – My husband and I share the same responsibilities every day. Whether you have kids or not, take 10 minutes every hour for yourself. I did this even when things were ‘normal’. Personally, I don’t feel that I ‘need’ alone time, but it’s important for both parents to catch a break during the day too. So, I don’t feel bad letting my son play my retro PS2 for a good 45 minutes if he wants to. This allows time for us to tackle personal recreational projects.

  • Bubbles and Laser Tag– Bubbles and laser tag guns have become a simplistic way of interaction and full-body exercise. If you haven’t played laser tag, you haven’t yet lived (kidding!). We bought a cheap $12 laser tag set for two at Dollar General but then upgraded to these (not an affiliate link, I am only suggesting a suitable set). And the bubbles wands are only $1 each as well. With the bubbles, he enjoys pretending to dodge them or pop them with pebbles. We’ve made quite the game out of it!

  • School Anywhere – School is tough, whether you have 1child or more. I love that most, if not all, schools are giving every child/parent a break this year though. What we’ve done is break it up into 20 minute sessions of paperwork, computer, and then a few hours outdoors to learn in a fun way. Every parent/child’s learning path is different. Because I feel my child doesn’t have enough work, I request work haha! So we do a mix of different worksheets anywhere. He presents his work to his teachers at the end of the week. Do I get a ‘huff and puff’? You bet I do. But I know I need a routine with him or he’ll get too distracted.

  • Eat Healthy – I have no idea what your life is like! Money may be tight or you’re working over-time with no extra time. For us, eating health foods is just as important as breathing clean air. And come to find out, it’s much simpler than I thought. Please check out Barbara O’Neil videos, specifically the Life at its Best series. She is a wealth of knowledge and breaks the topic of health and the human body down in easy pieces. What I love the most about her lectures, particularly this 1 through 10 series, is that she reiterates the same basic lifestyle/health principles throughout the series. Barbara is just one of the many health professionals who teach these same principles. I just happen to love her style of teaching. Her teaching is nothing new, but I find her explaining it in a rather simple form in which she breaks it down mineral by mineral by lifestyle and so on. For example, I have ditched the CALM magnesium powder supplement for Celtic sea salt as the sea salts carry high mineral content (magnesium!) that we are lacking our diets. And it’s less expensive!
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No matter where you’re at with this crisis, isn’t it somewhat relieving to read that you’re not alone? Every person is facing a different challenge within this crisis. I am praying for you, your family, and everything going on around you. God is present and He is in control. He is putting it all into place perfectly. Abuse in the home is not tolerated. And abuse can come in a simple form of a frustrated loved one taking their anger and relaying harsh, hurtful words. Emotional abuse can be just bad as physical. Feel free to message me here as I am happy to help or refer you to someone in your home town. You can also reach out the the team at Focus on the Family at 1-800-A-FAMILY to speak with a licensed counselor. Or, you may contact the National Domestic Abuse Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE.

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